There are 2 ways to add links to images. You can add a link to the entire image or you can link to a certain area on image.

1. To link the entire image, click the image you would like to add a link, to activate the toolbar. You will see an orange toolbar.

2. Click the "link" icon on the toolbar.

3. A window will open, so you can paste in the URL where you want to link to. Once you paste in your URL, click done.

Here are the steps to add a link of a certain part of the image:

1. Click on the image to activate the toolbar.

2. Click the "target" icon. Your mouse will turn into a "Crosshair".

3. Drag your mouse over the area you would like to add a hotspot to.

4. You will see an orange shaded box over that area, click the orange box to open the window to add your URL.